From: Andrew
Email: andrewlewis (AT)
Date: Tue, Oct 12, 1999

Thanks for the Emmy! I have a ][, a ][+, a //e, a //gs, and a classic Mac. I have lots of User's Group, shareware, and home-brew software that I would like to share. Is there a forum for this? Thaanks again, Andrew, KO4KU

From: Henry Bonath
Email: henry (AT)
Date: Thu, Oct 7, 1999

I am posting this to see if anyone can help me get files from the inet onto my Apple //c I have Mac's and PC's so if anyone has any suggestions please mail Thank You

From: Animated gifs, backgrounds and more.
Email: anime (AT)
Date: Fri, Aug 20, 1999

Good work. Congratulations...

From: michael demock
Email: wc7144 (AT)
Date: Tue, Aug 17, 1999

does disk server use any 9pin female to 25 pin parallel cable? like the kind they sell at radio shack? how does the emulator support games that require a apple joystick? what if the disks i want to access are copy protected?

From: Gus
Email: gvilomar (AT)
Date: Wed, Jul 14, 1999

Hi, Do you plan to emulate the Apple //c, //c+, or //gs? P.S. Excellent program!!!! Gus

From: aki
Email: akiaki (AT)
Date: Tue, Jun 22, 1999

Thanks, I love Apple!! When I was child, I dreamed to get Apple. He was quite expensive in Japan. I'll come again!! by Aki

From: Johnson Lam
Email: johnsonlam (AT)
Date: Mon, Apr 19, 1999

I'm Apple freak. I play Apple ][ since I'm primary 4, so I'd like to see it alive on PC once more with more powerful features (save game!) and also Mockingboard support.

From: B&R Computer Services
Email: rrbp (AT)
Date: Mon, Mar 29, 1999

We have supported the Apple since 1981 with out-of-print software and hard to find hardware. We do consulting and repairs.
B&R Computer Services
PO Box 7195
San Diego CA 92167

or visit our web site at:
the "H" in Home is uppercase

| Ron Reff, B&R Computer Services
| "My computer is not a dinosaur, it's an endangered species."

From: David Pennington
Email: pennbra (AT)
Date: Mon, Feb 8, 1999

I still keep my apple IIe clone fit and running - and got quite an amount of sofware, if anyone wants a program I may have... I hope i can fix me apple in the PC...

From: Doug Kapin
Email: dkapin (AT)
Date: Mon, Oct 19, 1998

Thank You verrrrrry much. I have sooooo much apple software I just can't bare to throw it away. I've got the whole Eamon series, and who knows what else. Thanks again for the software.

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