Frequently Asked Questions

I downloaded some disk images but most of them are not recognized by the emulator - it displays the message: The type of this file is not "Disk II".
A:A2 Oasis supports the following disk image types: A4W, DSK, DO, NIB, HDV. There are some subtypes of the DSK disk image format. DSK and DO images must be exactly 143,360 bytes long to work under A2 Oasis. You can use CANONDSK program to fix the file size of all DSK/DO files which are rejected by the emulator. Disk images with .BIN suffix can also be converted using CANONDSK program - for such images enable "Keep last 140K" option.

I downloaded A2 Oasis and successfully installed it, but I get *** UNABLE TO LOAD PRODOS *** with the PRODOS_2.DSK image. The Disk Manager sees the different files in the prodos disk image, but the emulator won't boot.
A:This is because PRODOS_2.DSK disk image does not include ProDOS system file (PRODOS.SYS). You have to download ProDOS master disk. Don't miss to copy ATINIT file from PRODOS_2.DSK to every bootable ProDOS disk image. It is a patch for the internal ProDOS clock driver.

I want to use Disk Server, and Disk Manager to have multi access to my PC platform. I want to eventually run this on a 386 running 3.11? Will that work?
A:Yes. A2 Oasis will run under Windows 3.1x on 386. The only problem will be the speed if you try to use the emulator.

In Europe the Apple ][ series was optionally delivered with regional keysets. Would it be possible to implement special characters into the emulator.
A:Yes. You can modify all text-mode characters. To do this edit EXTCHARS.BMP file (included in A2 Oasis distribution). Then start the emulator, press F3, select "Character Set" group, enable "External Bitmap File" option, and Browse for EXTCHARS.BMP file. To edit the file you can use Windows Paint or any graphics editor.

Is it possible to get more than 1 meg of additional ram? Say maybe 4 megs?
A:No. Current version supports up to 1 MB auxiliary RAM.

I have a joystick attached to my Windows system. Can I use it with A2 Oasis?
A:Yes. The only requirement is a working joystick driver for Windows. Click the joystick icon from Control Panel for details. If the driver is OK, open Configuration dialog from the emulator (press F3), select Keyboard tab group, and enable PC Joystick option.

Can I run the emulator on full screen?
A:Yes. Since version 2.4 A2 Oasis supports full screen mode. Press F7 key to switch between window and full screen.

I don't remember all DOS/Basic commands - where I can find Apple II docs?
A:Here are some useful links:

Applesoft Basic
DOS 3.3/ProDOS

I get the message "General protection fault in module GDI.EXE" every time I try to run the emulator.
A:Open the configuration file APL24WIN.INI (it is in Windows directory). In the [Data] section add a line:


If there is "FastHGR=1" change it to "0".

I can't use full screen mode. I see the message "DirectDraw Init Failed" after pressing F7...
A:The full screen mode requres DirectX. Note that some video drivers do not support the necessary display mode of 640x400. The problem can be in the display adapter, video driver, or DirectX version. Try the latest DirectX.

If I somehow "lock up" the emulator, can I "reset" or "reboot" in any way?
A:The Apple II RESET key is emulated with Ctrl-F12. To reboot the emulator, press Ctrl-F1-F12 which is equivalent of Control-OpenApple-Reset on real Apple II.

If I select one of the keyboard options to emulate the apple joystick, how do I get the joystick buttons?
A:Joystick buttons are the OpenApple and SolidApple keys. A2 Oasis emulates these keys with F1 and F2, or the ALT keys (to use Alt keys, enable the corresponding option from the Configuration menu, Keyboard group).

Can I use my PC's 5.25" disk drive to read Apple II diskettes?
A:Yes. A program called Disk2FDI will convert your Apple II diskettes to disk images. You can also transfer your Apple II diskettes with cable connection between PC and Apple. For more information, click here

I am using Windows 2000. When I run the emulator, it starts only once until Windows logoff or reboot.
A:While installing A2 Oasis do not disable "Run each application in separate memory space" option.

I am interested in CP/M operating system. Where I can find more information about it?
A:Here are some links about CP/M:

Commercial CP/M Software Archive
Digital Research CP/M Manual
The Unofficial CP/M Web Site

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